InTouch 5.6b 操作系统要求

Win31,Win 3.11,Win95



 InTouch 6.0b 操作系统要求

Win31, Win 3.11, Win95



InTouch 7.0 操作系统要求


WinNT(版本不确定),实际测试在WinNT4.0 SP4上可以运行


InTouch 7.1/7.11 操作系统要求

 Win 95SP1, Win98第二版, WinNT 4.0 SP5

Hardware/Software Requirements

       Any IBM compatible PC with a Pentium 133 processor

       or higher, at least 100 MB of free hard disk space,

       64 MB of RAM, SVGA display adapter (2 MB RAM), a

       pointing device such as a mouse, trackball or touch

       screen, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and one of

       the following operating systems:


       Microsoft Windows 95, Service Pack 1 to OSR2.5


       Microsoft Windows 98, Second Edition

       Microsoft Windows 98 Support:

       Wonderware 7.1 versions of InTouch and FactoryOffice

       Clients support Microsoft's Windows 98 Second

       Edition operating system.  The Microsoft Windows 98

       Second Edition release includes patches for various

       bugs including Year 2000, as well as Internet

       Explorer 5.0. If you are currently using the

       Microsoft Windows 98 platform, you will need to

       update it to Second Edition in order to install this

       release. The address below will take you to a

       Microsoft site that will provide you with more

       details on the Windows 98 Second Edition release,

       including instructions on how to get the update.




       Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Service Pack 5

       Service Pack 5 is available on the CD-ROM in the

       Folder "NT 4.0 SP5." This is the 40-bit encryption version.

       If you are using 128-bit encryption (not available for export)

       install the 128-bit version of Service Pack 5, which is

       available at:


InTouch 8.0 操作系统要求

Win2K专业版SP3,WinXP专业版SP1,Win2K Server SP3


InTouch 9.0 操作系统要求

Win2K专业版SP3, WinXP专业版SP1, Win2K Server SP3, Win2003Server 标准版


InTouch 9.5 操作系统要求

WinXP专业版SP2,Win2K Server SP4Advance Server SP4,Win2003Server SP1


InTouch 10.0 Sp2 操作系统要求

WinXP专业版SP3,Vista SP1,Win2K Server SP4Advance Server SP4,Win2003Server  SP1


InTouch 10.1 操作系统要求

 Win XP sp3, Vista Sp2, Win Server 2008 Sp2

注意:10.1Sp2及之前版本都不支持Win7 系统


InTouch 10.1SP3 操作系统要求

Win XP sp3,Win7 32/64,Win Server2008 R2标准版64



InTouch 2012(10.5) 操作系统要求

WinXp Sp3,Win2003 Sp2标准版,企业版

Win Server 2003R2 Sp2标准版,企业版

Win Vista Sp2 商业,企业,旗舰版 3264

Win7 专业版,企业版,旗舰版3264

Win Server 2008 Sp2 标准版,企业版

Win Server 2008R2标准版,企业版

Win Server 2008 SP1 R2标准版,企业版


InTouch 2012R2(10.6) 操作系统要求

WinXp Sp3

Win2003 Sp2标准版,企业版

Win Server 2003R2 Sp2标准版,企业版

Win Vista Sp2 商业,企业,旗舰版 3264

Win7 专业版,企业版,旗舰版3264

Win Server 2008 Sp2 标准版,企业版

Win Server 2008 SP1 R2标准版,企业版


InTouch 2014(11.0) 操作系统要求

Win 7 专业版,企业版,旗舰版32/64位系统

Win 8 专业版,企业版,旗舰版32/64位系统

Win Server 2008 SP1 R2标准版,企业版,数据中心

Win Server 2012 / Win Server 2012  R2标准版,企业版,数据中心版本


InTouch 2014R2/2014R2 Sp1(11.1) 操作系统要求

Win 7 专业版,企业版,旗舰版32/64位系统

Win 8/8.1专业版,企业版,旗舰版32/64位系统

Win 10专业版,企业版,旗舰版32/64位系统

Win Server 2008 SP1 R2标准版,企业版,数据中心

Win Server 2012 / Win Server 2012  R2标准版,企业版,数据中心版本


InTouch  2017 操作系统要求

 Windows Server 2016 System Requirements

 Windows Server 2012 R2 System Requirements

 Windows Server 2012 System Requirements

 Windows 10 System Requirements

· Note: Wonderware System Platform 2017 Update 2 is not supported on Windows 10 versions prior to version 1607 (Anniversary update; OS build 14393).

· 注意:2017 update2版本已经不支持Win10 1607早期的版本。

 Windows 8.1 System Requirements

              注意:InTouch2017版本已经不再支持Win7 系统以及Server 2008R2系统


          InTouch  2020 操作系统要求

        客户端操作系统(64位)⸺InTouch HMI 2020、 InTouch Web Server 2020

     Windows 8.1专业版和企业版
     Windows 10 1803专业版、企业版和IoT企业版
     Windows 10 1809专业版、企业版和IoT企业版
      Windows 10 1903专业版、企业版和IoT企业版
     Windows 10 1909专业版、企业版和IoT企业版
     Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB
     Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC
     Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB
     Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC


    服务器操作系统(64位)⸺InTouch HMI 2020、 InTouch Web Server 2020、InTouch Access Anywhere 2020

     Windows Server 2012数据中心版(非标准版)
     Windows Server 2012 R2嵌入版(64位)(完整映像)*
     Windows Server 2012 R2标准版和数据中心版
     Windows Server 2016 LTSC标准版和数据中心版
     Windows Server 2019 LTSC标准版和数据中心版(桌面体验)
     Windows Server IoT 2016 LTSB
     Windows Server IoT 2019 LTSC


        AVEVA InTouch HMI 2023

               Windows 10 2016 LTSC IoT Enterprise

     Windows 10 2019 LTSC Enterprise,IoT Enterprise

     Windows 10 2021 LTSC Enterprise

     Windows 10 20H2 SAC Enterprise,IoT Enterprise,Professional

     Windows 10 21H1 SAC Enterprise,IoT Enterprise,Professional  

     Windows 10 21H2 SAC Enterprise,IoT Enterprise,Professional

     Windows 11 21H2 SAC Enterprise,Professional 

     Windows Server 2016 Data Center,Standard

     Windows Server 2019 LTSC Data Center-Desktop Experience,Essentials-Desktop Experience,IoT-Desktop ExperienceStandard.Desktop Experience

     Windows Server 2022 LTSC Data Center-Desktop Experience,IoT-Desktop ExperienceStandard.Desktop Experience

           AVEVA InTouch HMI 2023R2

           Windows 10 企业版、IoT 企业版 2015 LTSB (1507),Windows Server 2016 LTSC 标准版和数据中心版,Windows 10 21H2 专业版、企业版和 IoT 企业版

               注意: 请注意支持的Win10为专业版/企业版等。不支持HOME版本